Confusing New Idea

By MickMick11
Dec 20, 2008
  1. Hi again folks,

    I just got a message in the Microsoft Communitites that sounds like great advise on one hand, but confusing on the other. It essentially says that all anti-virus, spyware, malware, etc. programs cause far more harm than good and that they interfere with SystemRestore.
    This guy says that he hasn't use any of those in years but keeps his peace of mind by backing up his system about once every week. (He didn't say if with a zip drive, USB flash drive, or what. I've asked and await his reply). He says this works to keep his system free of all malware and viruses and works far better than using Norton, McAfee, etc.

    It makes some sense to me as I stll think McAfee somehow caused my files to disappear, but I worry about using no protection at all. At any rate, this latest headache has made me realize the importance of frequent back-ups. I just a got a CD\DVD burner and as soon as I get my missing files back I'm getting Acronis True Image (thanks Kimsland for telling me about it) .
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