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By Omnis
Aug 9, 2005
  1. Hi guys, I hope I do this correctly, but here we go.

    System specs
    dimmension 2800 dell
    intell pentium 4 processer
    283 ram
    rest standerd for this make and model
    Windows Xp home edition

    Ok for the error im getting, I'll go through the process that I did and then got the error

    1) Updated/ran a new version of AVG antivirus.
    2) when the scan was done I selected the heal option
    3) when completed i rebooted my computer,
    4) dsl connection failed, so i clicked on the icon and chose the repair option, and got an error message stateing, "could not renew the ip adress, please contact isp, <had errors like this in the past and this fixed it >
    5)and also, my out dated version of norton is now full of errors stateing that it was disabled/uninstalled

    after i did this i followed what the error said and contacted my isp, upon doing this they said it was a problem with my router, <linksys wireless g model WRT54g> and i contacted linksys after this, and they said that my router was hooked up wrong and to run a website to configure the router and a case number, and when I called back they preatty much said that they dont know what is wrong,

    I've contacted several computer repair shops and every 1 had a different idea. 1 said it was my registy and needed manual fixed
    another said running my restore disk would fix it
    another said that both were wrong and compleatly reformat my computer.

    Honestly, I dont think any of them have any idea on what is going on, anyways

    any help would be apriciated
    <would run my restore disk/os disk but moved and lost the original case it was in *had the cd keys on them> so im up the creek w/o a paddle....
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,138   +985

    ok.. here we go;
    disconnect the modem from the router
    disconnect the system from router
    disable NIS/NAV
    enable Windows Firewall

    hit the router RESET switch on the back

    now recable from system to the router
    follow router setup instruction, which should direct you to
    access with your browser
    ...set a new password
    and save the config

    power down BOTH the modem and router
    recable modem to router
    wait at least 30 seconds and power up the modem

    the modem will soon stop the strobe lite effect
    power up the router and soon the data lite on the MODEM
    will start flashing rapidly

    use Start->Run and enter CMD and hit enter
    now you should be able to prove ISP connectivity via
    ipconfig /all to get
    ip, gateway and dns addresses

    you must get this much working to fix/repair NAV/NIS.

    if you do, the create a Restore Point and label it Basic Connectivity
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