Constant disconecting?

  1. Hey guys,

    So i have this problem...Everyday from morning to 3:30pm my internet continuously disconnects and they reconnects non-stop. Every time i reconnect and play games or do homework it will eventually disconnect in 15-30 mins. However once it hhits 3:30pm all connections become stable again till the next morning. Any ideas on whats going on here? Is my internet being hijacked?

    Thx guys!!!
  2. tipstir

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    Have you contacted your ISP to change your lines?
    When last have you reset your cable or dsl modem?
    When last you updated the firmware in your router?
    When last have you reset your router?
    When last did you scan your system for pest?
    When last did you update your system?

    These are some of the areas you need to check first? You could have a bad modem, you can have a bad nic, you have all sorts of issues. But they need to be narrowed down first. Some trouble shooting on your end. But most of all contact your ISP and have them check your modem and they can now see your router.

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