constant disk corruption message from vista

By kiyhkuj
Dec 4, 2007
  1. Hi everybody. vista keeps telling me constantly that my disk structure is corrupt and that i need to run chkdsk. This happens whenever i want to download something and also when i'm just working. I think it was caused by the chkdsk vista ran yesterday and since then i've had problems. PLZ help. Thankyou. Also, if there is any software that can diagnose and correct drive errors i would be very grateful.

    ps:I can't run chkdsk because whenever i launch it using run it comes and disappears in less than a second.
  2. ThumperZ1

    ThumperZ1 TS Rookie

    Chkdsk runs on bootup. right click on your C: drive and choose properties. choose the tools tab. then choose the error checking button. Put check marks in both of the empty boxes and click ok. It will then ask you if you want to schedule a check next time your reboot. Choose yes and reboot.
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