Constant freezing and restart loop issue

By Pashamagic
Jun 2, 2011
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  1. Hi and thanks in advance for you help.

    My desktop had some issues about a year ago and since someone gave me a laptop (score!) I haven't worried about it at all. However now I need it and its still broke.

    Before it would freeze after about 5-10min and I thought it was overheating, I had fan speed give me a reading of 70-80deg C so I replaced the thermal paste but then did not do too much more.

    So now that I need it I did a clean install of Vista, I got it to work but again it would freeze and I kept getting high remote temps. After it would freeze I would just reset it and I would be able to go for another 5-10min. However now after a few resets it just goes into a startup loop where it will only show the intel logo. I took the side panel off and placed a pedestal fan on it and straight away it would get as far as asking how to start windows ie normally or safe mode, which ever i chose it will freeze before loading.

    All fans are working, however I think the CPU heat sink fan is spinning in the wrong direction, it pushes air onto the heat sink, I have no idea how or if I can reverse this or even its spinning incorrectly.

    I will let it cool more and try to start it up with any of your sugestions

    Thanks for your help


    Here's the spec I know

    windows vista
    intel pentium DEPU 3.0GHz
    1GB RAM
    Radeon Xpress 200 series
    motherboard D101GGC
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    I don't know about all CPU fans but most AFAIK suck air into the cooler.

    If you had overheating trouble in the past the CPU may already be damaged. When you boot up, at the POST screen, does it show the fan speed.

    Have you made sure the cooler is free from dust?

    The clean install of Vista would have taken longer than your PC is presently staying on for so this is a little mysterious. I know it is hard to see by looking but do you get the impression that the CPU fan is running at a reasonable speed, can you feel any draught if you hold your hand up close (about an inch away). Is it noisey? your could try removing it and then peeling back the label over the center of the fan blades. Put a small drop of oil onto the bearing and add a pinch of graphite, replace the label and see if it sounds any different.

    I would keep using the desk fan for extra cooling until you figure out what is wrong.

    There is always a chance that other factors are involved, try running with just one of your memory sticks and see if it improves, then swap them around if there is no change, test with each stick in turn.

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