Context menu item not appearing

By pjfarr
Dec 12, 2015
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  1. I recently installed an app I've used for years under Windows 7 on a new Windows 10 laptop. During installation it asked if I wanted to add it to the Explorer context menu and I clicked "yes". However, it does not appear on the context menu.

    The program is MediaTagger and it's used for tagging MP3 files. On my Win7 system I right-click an MP3 or a folder containing MP3s and MediaTagger will open up a window listing all MP3s in that folder and provide various different tagging tools.

    I tried adding it to the context menu manually via the registry by adding it to the Shell key for MP3s (I know how to do this) and added the "%1" to the end of the command path. This does make it appear on the MP3 context menu and will open MediaTagger when clicked, but the file does not load into it. Isn't that what the "%1" is for?

    My Win7 is a 32bit system, my Win10 is 64bit. I wonder if that makes a difference? MediaTagger is a pretty old program from the XP days but works perfectly on my Win7 machine. Anyone have any ideas?

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