Continually reboot

By lismith
Jul 10, 2009
  1. Yesterday, my HP laptop (Vista Home Premium) did 3 updates. It finally got to the "Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3"...0% Complete. Then it does go to 100% Complete. It shuts down and reboots. Then the whole process starts over! It has been doing this for 24 hours. There have been 3 times where it does get to a point where I can enter my login password. As soon as I type it in, it shuts down and starts the whole process over again. This is a computer that isn't used very often, kept up to date on all updates, and has Norton 360 up to date. There's very little that has been downloaded/added to the hard drive. I don't even use Outlook/email on this laptop. When I bring it up in Safe Mode, it does the same thing. Someone told me it sounded like it was 'boot looping'. Any ideas?
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try doing an HP restore... Norton 360 needs to go. There are too many better free programs out there
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