Control/C Control/V control/alter/delete doesn't work

By Mrushing
Jul 13, 2013
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  1. I can't use my Control with any other key to copy, cut, paste, or
    bring up task manager.

    Help please and thanks, Mary

    Here is my hijackthis text file.

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  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    Mary, keyboard problems are not invariably software or malware-related. First things first - what OS are you talking about ? XP, Win 7, Win 8 or what? What type of keyboard is it? PS2, USB or wireless?

    Disconnect it and reconnect it a few times, reboot and try again. Turn the keyboard upside down, placing one end on the edge of a thick book, and thump a few times on the back with your hand. Sweep the crud onto the carpet.....

    Is it just a keyboard hardware problem, and if so which keys? tells you a lot of key combinations with ctrl and shift and alt. Tell us if any or none work?

    Open a document and try typing a bit of text. Do all the characters work?

    If it appears the keyboard is faulty, can you borrow another to test?

    Quite often, keyboard problems are down to wireless problems: and can often be solved by re-installing the keyboard driver.
  3. Benmar

    Benmar TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    Try to change your keyboard...and everything goes right..

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