Convert Maxtor One Touch ExHD to Internal

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Apr 28, 2009
  1. I have removed a Seagate IDE HD from a Maxtor One Touch external enclosure and installed it in my computer as the primary slave HD. The computer recognizes the drive and it shows up as "Healthy" in Disk Management. However, when I try to access it in Explorer, it says,"F:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." Also, in properties it says the file system is RAW. Any suggestions?
  2. lopdog

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    Have you formated the HDD? The file system should probably be NTFS, not RAW. Did you use it normally before installing it in your computer, or is it a new drive? If it's new, you need to format it, if you used it before taking it out of it's external enclosure, something else could be wrong.
  3. yawnotec

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    I've been using this drive via firewire for some time and it has data on it. That's why I'm not in a rush to reformat. The reason for moving it into the computer is that since upgrading Adobe Premiere Pro to version CS3, video playback is jumpy and using firewire drives is no longer recommended for Premiere Pro. Frustrating, since I originally got this drive for video purposes.
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    Is there a second device on the IDE cable? If so, you're sure that one of the devices is set to master and the other to slave? If that's not working, try cable select for both drives.
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    I have no idea if this will help but, files created with XP Pro cannot be accessed with XP Home, you must reformat. At least that's what happened to me when I tried it.The error message is similar to what you're receiving. Just a thought.
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