Convert .swf to .avi?

By Calvinson ยท 4 replies
Jun 25, 2009
  1. i've got some swf movies, but i want them in avi format so that i can import them into windows movie maker for editiing, how to do that ?
  2. nicolasy

    nicolasy TS Rookie

    if you have flash swf source files... fla files you can export them to avi format as Flash CS3 / File / export / export movie / drop-list / choose flv to complete the conversion.
    but if you have only swf files and not the source, you should use a professional conversion tool. you can try iwisoft swf to flv converter which works well for me, maybe it can solve your problem as well, good luck !
  3. swordm

    swordm TS Rookie

    Swf to Avi Converter (Magic Swf2Avi) can help u convert swf to avi, very easy to use and Really converting FLASH to video including movie clips, action scripts and lossless audio without screen recording.
  4. Char_X

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  5. Calvinson

    Calvinson TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you!
    i've tried that iWisoft SWF to FLV Converter,
    it's really what i want ! thanks again !
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