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Jan 25, 2009
  1. I have a question about these. I did a search on here, but I guess I was looking for a better answer. I go to a certain webpage, and it seems that I always get locked out when it comes to the weekends. I notice others on there and they don't seem to have a problem. I believe the cookie is utmb, but it may be more than that. When I get locked out, I send an email to the admin, and everything is okay on Monday. I asked them if there is a problem, and they said no. Sometimes I think it is deliberate, but have no way of knowing that. Is there something I can do to get back online to that webpage? It seems like it starts right at midnight on friday, and then on monday in the morning it is cleared. I wish I knew more about this, and I can see the cookies actually expire and put a new time in. What am I missing here? I have tried this same webpage on 6 different computers, and get the error that the username and password combo is not right, but when I send for it, it is still the same one I was using in the first place. Is there a setting on the computer I am unawre of?

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    You should firstly run CCleaner to remove all your cookies (and stacks of other useless temp stuff)

    Then try running a Tracert on the webpage or a Ping
    I found a good page here on their definitions:

    But basically press Start->Run> CMD -> OK
    And on the command line, just try pinging the website, ie ping (same applies for tracert)

    Try this when they are working, and when they aren't
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    Thanks. I tried it with the example you sent, and it said 4 packets sent, 4 packets recieved, 0 lost. What am I to make of or interpret what it says when I type in the website site and hit enter? What is it trying to tell me? Thanks:confused:

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    So you're saying that your user ID and password don't authenticate between bout midnight Friday and 6AM Monday? (approximate times)

    What type of sites does this happen on- for instance, are the music or video download sites? Are they File Sharing sites?

    I took a stab and did a search For Computer Cookie utmb and came up with this site:

    The utmb=University of Texas Medical Branch and the site has specific directions for setting the Cookie.
    The actual site itself is

    A bit more information and a site URL would go a long way here!
  5. Nightowl

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    I don't think that is it. That is a university, and I think all that it is intended to do is reset the students laptops when they can't get onto the schools server. Its just a guess, but from looking at it, thats what it looks like. My daughter had something similar to that when she went to college. It was a way to interface between the laptop and the schools server, when she was home on break. Thanks anyway. The problem has since fixed itself, or the admins reset the system.

  6. Bobbye

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    Sorry I can't help more but there is not enough information. If it involves the school server, have her contact the IT person at the school.
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