Cooler Master intros $50 enthusiast-grade Mini-ITX chassis


TS Evangelist
Cooler Master has unveiled an affordable case that combines the internal functionality of an enthusiast chassis with the diminutive footprint of a home theater PC. Priced at only $50, the Elite 120 Advanced can house full-size graphics cards while measuring…

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TS Evangelist
I want it!! I would be surprised though if cooling was not a problem. A case an only do so much for cooling. Eventually you have to look at the making the separate parts more efficient.


TS Special Forces
I think I'll probably be in for one since I've been itching to build a new HTPC for some time now. Just wish it had a front IR panel.


TechSpot Paladin
Very nice case, would be a fantastic alternative for the Lian-Li PC-Q08 which I've been using over and over again for new builds. Too bad My next build will decidedly need a mid ATX or larger case. =(

edit: forgot to mention, at $50 this case could be a fantastic steal/bargain considering that gaming/high capacity ITX cases are generally sold at a premium.


TS Booster
I'm tempted to get one for the lounge media center machine, that would sit nicely in the cabinet rather than the full size clunker I have now :p