Copy entire user profile to external hard drive

Okay here is the story. My laptop has a ton of valuable information on it, recently my Norton protection ran out and was unable to renew it.

Well somebody hacked my system and now I have a ton of viruses, trojans, and malware. So I was still able to use my PC for internet usage and my music still played in Windows Media Player. So all in all my laptop still worked.

Now today I go to turn on my laptop, and it will not boot up at all. I can't even system restore or repair it with windows repair.

However I do need to back up my files, and since my hard drive is what is wrong in the first place.

I think it might be better, instead of copying the entire hard drive to my 1 terabyte external hard drive, if it would make more sense just to copy my entire user profile onto my external?

I am wondering if this is possible. i have heard of LiveCD's and Parted Magic from this forum. But I am wondering if I can just back up all of my files that way.

If I can back up all of my files like that, I might save money instead of taking to a repairman and just fix it myself.

So is it possible to copy and back-up the entire user profile of a laptop that will not boot up to an external hard drive?

Basically I want to copy the entire contents of my User Profile on Vista onto an external drive, so I can use my reboot CD to reboot my laptop, without losing any of my files and folders or anything for that matter.

I figure the best way to do that would be to copy the user profile so all the contents of that profile would go onto my external. Then I reboot my computer, and put the User Profile back on. Simple.


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Have you tried a repair install? If that is possible that will leave your files intact.. It is a good idea to back on a regular basis anyway.

The other possibility is connecting your hard drive as a slave drive on another pc.

If the repair install is not possible there are a number of ways using boot cd's to access your data.

Here is one solution that is free and should do what you want