Corning's 'Project Phire' is as tough as Gorilla Glass with scratch resistance similar to sapphire

Shawn Knight

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Hardened glass maker Corning is working on a new material that's said to combine the toughness of its popular Gorillas Glass with a level of scratch resistance that comes close to that of sapphire.

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Scratch resistant glass (but fragile) is definitely a good fit for a watch. But for the iPhone 6s (or whatever it will be), I'm not so sure. iPhones are notorious for breaking when dropped, aren't they going to do something about that?


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I would be surprised to see nature winning in this battle between sapphire and a synthetic glass. The latter can be tweaked indefinitely to the point of perfection, while sapphire is all but a fixed crystal structure with little, if any, flexibility for tempering.
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I'm sure a synthetic material would be better and more flexible than a natural one so I'd say rather go with Corning's product, it would probably be much cheaper to produce than a sapphire screen to boot. That said the Gorilla Glass 3 that covers my screen sounds a lot like plastic to me when I tap on it but it is very scratch resistant.