Corsair intros 2250MHz Dominator GTX DDR3 modules

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Dec 3, 2009
  1. Corsair is no stranger to the world of premium, high-performance DDR3 RAM. Their Dominator line has long been the memory of choice for many PC enthusiasts and gamers alike, and now they are looking to cement their position in this market with a new GTX variant capable of operating at a staggering 2,250MHz, with latencies of 8-8-8-24 and within the 1.65V threshold required by Core i5 and i7 systems.

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  2. RealXboxMaster

    RealXboxMaster TS Rookie Posts: 139

    This is just plain overkill. Whats the point ? So people can see how far they can push there hardware.
  3. compdata

    compdata TechSpot Paladin Posts: 529   +7

  4. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    lol is this a joke who need 2250 mhz ram? get some 1600 and call it good there is almost no difference in speed what so ever.
  5. KG363

    KG363 TS Guru Posts: 515   +9

    my guess is $380 for a 6GB set
  6. ryan29121

    ryan29121 TS Booster Posts: 174

    This is definitely rich people. Looks really nice as always.
  7. Serag

    Serag TS Booster Posts: 181

    I almost forgot about that review..thanks compdata
    yea after a certain point..such clock speed and latency doesn't affect performance at all
  8. fref

    fref TS Enthusiast Posts: 153

    I bet most people who buy this won't even be able to overclock their system to actually reach that maximum speed and keep it stable. Waste of money as far as I'm concerned.

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    nice speed bump thought current core i7 really does not beneift from such high ram spee duntil you start to oc. I wonder when will we see ddr4 or ddr5:)
  10. Afenix

    Afenix TS Member Posts: 55

    Holy cow!! Isnt that a bit.. too much? I have corsair dominator myself (the 1600 fanless model) and i will be clocking them to 2000 mhz as soon as i get a fan, but 2250Mhz? i cant see any software which could use the potential of that.. I mean some programs hardly use up a 1333...
  11. kaonis92

    kaonis92 TS Enthusiast Posts: 118

    This obviously fits in to the "unreachable" category...High latency though.
  12. Flannelwarrior

    Flannelwarrior TS Rookie Posts: 131

    There will always be rich people who will pay for something no one needs. It's like a luxury item
  13. UglyChild

    UglyChild TS Rookie Posts: 31

    That is fast... Do i need to get a seat belt?
  14. Basher

    Basher TS Rookie Posts: 54

    It seems that the memory manufacturers are reaching a peak in memory speed, specifically due to limits on voltage... I'm sure they have some crazy ideas under their belt, I'm interested to see where they go next...
  15. dellz

    dellz TS Rookie

    well i wont judge this before i buy it , i was speculativ when i bought my dominator ddr2 with 1066 V but now i see the difference between that and cheaper 800 mhz ram , if ill ever up my mobo to Asus Maximus 2 then ill probably buy this
  16. Orionlocke

    Orionlocke TS Rookie Posts: 35

    Wow, 2250MHz, that is just crazy fast! I have to agree with many of the other posters in saying it's a bit overkill and probably will not make much (if any) difference performance wise over the 1600MHz or 1800MHz ram.
  17. vangrat

    vangrat TS Rookie Posts: 223

    Lol I love reading peoples reaction to thsi ZOMG who would ever need that much speedz!!! People were saying the same thing back when 1ghz processors were coming out and now we have intel releasing a 48 core processor...
    Yes this is fast and beyond software capabilities at the moment, give it two to three years and people will be like, meh that's normal.
  18. Timonius

    Timonius TS Evangelist Posts: 647   +58

    and you'll need to spend premium on a motherboard and cpu to take advantage of the speed.
  19. BlindObject

    BlindObject TS Rookie Posts: 412

    Those heatsinks mean biznezz.
  20. lfg18

    lfg18 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Come on that is insane more than 2000 Mhz? that is something to see, my system still runs on DDR2 at 800 MHz and it runs ok, what makes the difference is the amount of ram you have in your system, i dont think it is necessary but I would surery be happy to get a pair of these :)
  21. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    the memory bandwidth on these is probably really nice hard to believe that ram speed is approaching the speed of a cpu. this is probably a great set of ram but i think its kinda impractical its more of a bragging rights thing than anything.
  22. muljator

    muljator TS Rookie

    the computer industry needs to change the way they make computers.
    we are only improving on old technology when we should invent new technology.
    thats why we see pointless hardware with no real use.
  23. BlackIrish

    BlackIrish TS Rookie Posts: 79

    And I'm still running DDR2 on 800 Mhz :/
  24. saintbodhisatva

    saintbodhisatva TS Rookie Posts: 59

    yup, other tech sites did similar RAM roundups, and the results were the same too - go for 1600 to at least be able to increment the base clock to 200. because it yields more to OC the CPU rather than the memory.
  25. ken777

    ken777 TS Rookie Posts: 103

    I think this is a little overkill for current systems and won't result in a noticeable boost. It would be nice if corsair would get some 1.35v memory out and focus on power savings too for part of their lineup. G.skill has couple of 1.35v modules out, but haven't seen any reviews yet.
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