CPU cooler issues

A bought a hyper evo 212x a while back, never got around to install until recently. Once I installed I attempted to turn on the computer. However it won't actually turn on, the fans and light would turn on about 2-3 secs and then turn off, this process would repeat untill I physically unplug the computer. I've tried everything to resolved the problem, remove all unnecessary parts(GPU,extra ram, ssds and rgb lights) still won't work. Assamble everything on a cardboard box to see it was an issue of mb and case touching, nope. Followed the installation instructions to the letter and even watch a YouTube video. Gave up and install the stock cooler, it ran perfectly normal. I can't get a refund considering how much time has passed since I purchased it

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Since it runs perfectly with the stock cooler AND it loops trying to restart every 2-3 seconds with the EVO, my best guess is that the mounting of the EVO is the issue since it appears to not be removing heat. Orientation of parts might be the problem - checking an explicit video might disclose this. Otherwise, there may be a defect in the manufacture of the mounting system, so you may have to work with the EVO folks to get this resolved.

I admit to having same issue years ago on another 'universal mounting' kit. I had the retention plate 180 degrees from what it should have been.
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