CPU speed - Freq Multiple Question

By Harry_Beast
Feb 4, 2009
  1. In the BIOS Cpu Speed is set(manual)
    Freq Multiple is (8x)
    When I plugged in Vid Card 6600gt---system would not boot
    plugged in Vid Card fx5500--no prob--residual error message was "system hung on improper FREQ MULTIPLE"

    Originally this system ran with the 6600gt-poorly,with a 300w psu
    For the last 2 years ,I was using a 465 w psu-which pooched -causing a "system failed cpu test "error message--which could only be read after rebooting with the 300w psu and fx5500 card.
    So now the questions: (1) Would it be of any benefit to change the FREQ MULTIPLE to a higher or lower value--or Auto?
    (2)are both error messages just due to a faulty Psu?
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