CPU temperature running high?


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My Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 6000+ used to stay between 35c-45c at the most, now it runs between 72c and 82c is there any reason this is happening and should I be seriuosly concerned? also should I just get another cpu or cooler? All solutions excepted.


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I'd take a look at your current cooler and see if it may have busted. You may have a cracked heat pipe or something.

If thermal paste is applied incorrectly, air bubbles can form between the heat sink and CPU and over time can push the paste from out between those two devices.


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First, distrust your temperature collector... It could be a simple as the temperature monitor going south.


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Thank You Cinders, you were right on target but it wasn't damaged just dirty as hell! so I took it all apart cleaned the thermal paste off both cpu & heatsink w/fan. took fan off of heatsink to clean the grill under the fan then re-applied the thermal paste and now it's running back down about 34c - 45c.back to normal. P.S. Raybay the temperature program that I use is CoreTemp and it works very well.

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