CPU wont turn on

By dodobird
Jul 31, 2008
  1. Im currently haveing a problem with my PC. The other day i went to turn it on and the computer would turn on but it wouldnt boot and there were no beeps. So because i didnt hear any beeps but the power turned on everything was running the hardrives the lights and and the moniter but no beeps and it wasnt booting i assumed it was a motherboard problem. Well not knowing enough about the motherboard to check anything the only thing i could think of doing was maybe resetting the CMOS or BIOS or whatever it resets by popping out the battery. So i pop out the battery put it back in and now nothing happens when i push the power button. The power supply still appears to be working as the little LED that tells me the Ethernet cable is plugged in is still on. I havent been able to locate the problem on the internet so i was hopeing for a little help thank you.
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    Hi and welcome to TS :)

    I had that problem before, my solution was to remove the memory modules, and clean the slots on the motherboard using compressed air (they were full of dust), so you could try that.

    Hope it works =)
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    If resetting the RAM does not work, you could try isolating each component (I'm not sure if you have another compatible motherboard laying around which would allow you to try the processor and everything in that, along with the power supply. Do you get a beep if you try and boot without any RAM in it? Also, does the motherboard light light up when the power supply is on (should be a green light). You could try booting without a graphics card in if you have an on-board graphics unit....

    I had a similar problem, everything would spin up, lights and everything, no display though. It would turn on, then turn itself off then turn back on. It turned out to be the motherboard, but RAM could also cause a similar problem. If you feel that the RAM is the problem, try running Memtest86+ on it for a minimum of 7 passes (it will take several hours). Use burn CDC to copy the program to a bootable disk. Good luck

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    read the NO POST guide in the guides forum
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