Crash reboot and BSOD with Nvidia 9800 GX2 1GB

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Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Processor BX80570E8400 - 3.0GHz, 6MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Wolfdale, Dual-Core, Retail, Socket 775, Processor with Fan
MPN: BX80570E8400

XFX nForce 780i 3-Way SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA nForce 780i, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express 2.0, Dual Gigabit LAN, S/PDIF, USB 2.0, Firewire, Serial ATA, RAID

XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Card - Extreme Edition, FREE Call of Duty 4 PC Game, 1GB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SLI Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDMI

Corsair Dual Channel 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB)
MPN: TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB Hard Drive - 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA-300, OEM
MPN: ST31000340AS SY

Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, SLI-Ready, 135mm Fan

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 OEM Version
MPN: E85-04964 A

The Problem:
I knew better, the last time I opened Nvidia Control panel (Performance) I got this same problem. But I have updated the drivers since then, and now it seems worse. I just opened up the performance tab, I didn't even get to see the settings load before it crashed. I get a quick BSOD flash and then a reboot. It reboots back up without any problems then within a few minutes it reboots again.

I have started in safe mode with network enabled and it hasn't given me any problems.

I am not sure what I did last time to fix the problem. I just remembered I shouldn't go anywhere near the performance settings. Just like this time, simply clicking on the tab to view the settings crashed the computer. But last time the crash only happened when I clicked that tab. Now it seems to crash within a few minutes after restarting the computer. I can get in and open a program but it crashes pretty quick.

I have attached the DXDiag report that i just ran from safe mode. I can provide any other info you need to help me get this fixed! I would say I am an expert user. This is probably the 10th computer i have built from parts. It runs so well as long as this stupid thing isn't messing it up. Sometimes i get a few green artifacts when running games (L4D, HL2, Crysis, FarCry, COD4). It doesn't affect the game play but they are noticeable.

This system runs all of those games on max settings at 1680x1050 (except Crysis:p)
If you have any ideas please help me out! I need my computer back! :)

*Update* add screen freezing to the list of problems. It will either freeze or restart.
I have tried to uninstall all the nvidia stuff in safe mode, but I keep getting "1628: Failed to complete installation Install" I cant uninstall the nvidia stuff, so every time i restart it keeps rebooting. GAH!
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*update* fixed!

I started it up today(in safe mode), and in my frustration with not being able to uninstall the nvidia apps, i just deleted all the nvidia folders in my programs. then when i started up in normal mode it was stable. I was able to finish officially uninstalling the rest of the nvidia components and then i did a full reinstall of the drivers and software. so far so good! :) Thanks for your ideas!
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