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Feb 9, 2009
  1. Hi - I downloaded the free version of the above software and it worked just fine. Until. My (C) drive was rapidly filling up so I bought a 500GB external hard drive and transferred my music to the new drive (J). Now the software does not function properly. When I make a selection, the whole playlist fast-forwards and returns back to the selection listed but does not play any tunes. I triied moving my music files back to the (C) drive but that didn't happen. I REALLY like this software and hope someone can help me to determine the problem and help me get it straightened out. Thanks so much for your time and trouble. meanhootowl (woe is me)
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    have you tried deleting playlists and then rebuilding them?

    am thinking maybe your problem somehow related to old playlists pointing to original files on C: drive then getting confused/corrupted after the files you point them to start getting moved around to different disk volumes
  3. meanhootowl

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    Thanks for your response. The music is still there I believe, but, yes, I did move and rename several times, thinking the software would automatically switch from (C) drive to (J) drive to retrieve the music. I suspect that I will have to delete it all and start over -- correct? I also deleted some files (software) from Roxio -- could that have had anything to do with it do you think? If I do delete the music, will I be able to reload the Creative software again? I tried to find the download for it, in case it has been updated, but can't. If I am able to re-load the Creative software I have, can I put it on my new (J) drive? Sorry to ask so many questions. I REALLY appreciate it ~!!! JoAnn
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    Note my comments in Blue

  5. meanhootowl

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    Yes, your information helped a lot. I have written an e-mail to Creative and asked for a link for the software -- don't know if they will help. And I checked out Roxio -- it was already on my computer but I never used it so it couldn't have been involved -- never installed it. That's one solution. And I know where my music is now and will KEEP it there if I am fortunate enough to get a link from them. Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to help me with my dead-brain attempts at being a computer whiz!!! lol Have a great week. JoAnn
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    no problem! But what products then did you see listed when you clicked Help->About? You might try Googling based on the product name. that was displayed or if you post that info i might be able to help you find it again
  7. meanhootowl

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    I googled - yahooed and msn-ed the name I had and all I find is hardware they want to sell. The only name I have is Creative Media Technologies -- I have suspect they are not giving it away any longer but will keep trying. I belong to a number of Yahoo groups and will send e-mails to each one and see if someone else might have the link. Normally I would use something else but I really love this program. Thanks again -- how is it in Chi-town? (Do they still call it that??? lol) Bitter cold here in Maine.
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    Hi again! :wave:

    Any success yet in tracking down that download? I ask cause if no luck yet there’s alternative method to trying to get info about the software on your computer so that we might find a download link. It involves you loading a tool that essentially prints out lots of hidden and detailed info contained in Add/Remove Programs. Some of that detail may give the clue needed to find it!

    Anyway let me know. I can give you instructions to run it then attach the report it produces so I can see its output to take a look.

    (btw… yes. Chicago is sometimes referred to as “chi-town” tho I think more so by the visitors then the natives ;) But don't get me wrong, we love our visitors! :D)

    Other fact: It wasn’t named “windy city” because of the weather but rather its politicians.
  9. meanhootowl

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    You are funny - I hear you about the pols -- you had quite a gov for a while!! I finally managed to get a link from those people at Creative but it wouldn't work. The system kept telling me I was missing some components. After a while I just became very tired of it all - had surgery on my right hand and need to do everything left handed and after hours of e-mails to those people it just was no longer worth all the time and energy. They told me to delete what was on my pc before I downloaded the new link, so it is long gone. I will just go without. But I appreciate your follow through - it's very nice of you. Thanks for all your time and have a fine Valentine's Day (bah-humbug!!) lol JoAnn:):rolleyes:
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