Critical NTFS bug in Windows 10 can corrupt HDD/SSD filesystem



According to
A disk can be corrupted simply by accessing the $ i30 NTFS attribute​
The article comes with the MASSIVE CAVEAT:
DO NOT try to replicate/attempt what we write here in this article as it's very dangerous. A new vulnerability in Windows 10 has been detected, in specific if you have an NTFS formatted HDD/SSD. --- causes hard drive errors that immediately corrupt the file system.​
Traditionally I would cite the original artical here -- but not this time. I choose to protect the naive and adventurers.
I certainly hope this gets fixed super soon. Please for our sake stay with this. I am brand new to your site and came to learn.


Firefox 85.0.1 contains fix

Prevent access to NTFS special paths that could lead to filesystem corruption.​
HOWEVER, this is just for the browser and other access paths to this issue still remain