Customers get shafted in Nvidia class action suit

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May 3, 2011
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  1. RaiDeR55

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    Need GAP insurance like they have for Cars..But need for Computer's etc..But they didnt go right IMO.Depends how you look at it.You got a dead LT and now you got a working one..But lost money in the deal.which isnt good.
  2. "So... let me get this straight.
    Costumers paid for a (back in the day) $1000 laptop.
    And now they get a replacement laptop WHICH EXCEEDS or has nearly equal specs to the 3-year-old laptops. And they complain because it's a budget laptop?
    Seems to me that this would be acceptable, unless I am misunderstanding something."

    The problem is that it does not meet or exceed the specs. The judge was either lying or stupid (both in my opinion). The specs of that low end laptop are crap in today's standards and even low-end in 2007/2008 standards. Some people spent good money on a dual-core machine with a 17" screen and the replacement has a 15.6" screen and a single core budget proc. Most the HP laptops had a webcam, card reader and other periferals. The replacement has none of those. So the only thing modern on the replacement is the OS. It is very much underpowered to those laptops that it is replacing from 3-4 years ago.
  3. Got burned pretty well here. Bought not one but TWO high end laptops, both of which deteriorated and eventually became worthless. Figured that something was better than nothing and waited for the Class Action settlement, even though the new units would not be comparable in specs. Filed on the first day available. Waited. Waited some more. Waited even more. Finally called. On 2/22, was told paperwork mailed for one system 2/9 and the other 2/17, but would take 3 weeks to get to me (right...). Finally received mailed paperwork in March - with postmarks of March 3rd (both claims). Huh - smells like I was lied to. Immediately sent back both units. One was "received" a day after it was delivered; the other 3 days after it physically got there. Then I hear 5/12 they are finally shipping replacement units "in the order the originals were received". Today I received the replacement for the one received second. Called. No one knows why - just tell me to be patient and continue to wait for the unit that should have showed up first. So here I sit,waiting, waiting, waiting. By the time I get the other replacement, the cheap units being sent to replace the high end units I bought will not even have enough value to cover the "waiting" period, let alone the time prior to that dealing with non-functional units.

    Where I come from, I believe in customer service and quality. I would not sell my customers defective junk, claim I didn't do so for a few years, then say "oops maybe I did", come up with a settlement offering to replace the expensive defective junk with cheap low-end junk, then screw around for 6 or more months before I actually did so, lying as much as possible in the meantime and showing no concern for my customers. But then again, I value my customers...
  4. I am a class member that returned an HP DV9420US with 17" screen, numeric keyboard, HDMI input, dual core processor, etc., and etc. For those of you that think the higher-end HP members are getting a fair shake - go do your homework before you post an *****ic comment that we are getting fair replacements. A Compaq CQ56 is something I would buy one of my middle school kids as a beginner machine. I purchased my HP in October of 2007, and by early 2009 I was already experiencing problems connecting to my wireless network at home. Someone mentioned contacting HP - yeah, right ... every single support rep I talked to acted like I was the only person having this problem and could finally only offer me a $450 repair option. The time I wasted on that alone is worth more than 3 or 4 of the replacement machines.

    For any of you in my shoes that have the kahunas, I suggest you do as I did and write a well thought out message to 60-Minutes ( and ask them to at least review the NVIDIA GPU Class Action Settlement and the recent hearing brought forth by Mr. Ted Frank with the Center for Class Action Fairness. Maybe if enough of us bring this to their attention, we might get some coverage. Long shot? ... yep, but what's there to lose ...

  5. They have had my defective piece of crap since March 3rd. You call the third party, handling the claim, and they tell you nothing. My replacement, yet another piece of crap, has yet to be mailed. At least, hopefully, it will turn on. My old HP stopped working just months after I bought it. Nice to know I'm receiving something 1/4 of the price I paid a 4 years ago. Totally disappointed with the way consumers are handled by corporate giants and the legal system
  6. To those who think this is fair....I would certainly like to manage your retirement investment accounts, from my home in Brazil!
  7. i had a HP Pavilion dv9200 it had everything it lasted 4 months then best buy replaced it then 3 and half months it went again then best buy told me to call hp so hp wanted to charge 450 to replace the motherboard i told them no way so i got this at christmas 2006 paid 1700 now 2011 with Inflation i would of paid 1900 yes i did get 7 months of use plus to all the people that say why would you hold on to a paper weight for so long its because i paid 1700 for it
  8. I got my replacement laptop yesterday and even though it has better specs than the one I sent in, it's still lacking some features. No webcam, no remote control for multimedia, and only one headphone jack. My defective laptop had two. The judge should've asked an impartial computer expert to evaluate whether or not the replacement laptop is sufficient.
  9. If you weren't involved in the settlement lawsuit and you didn't have an affected model HP computer then why do you think you have a right to comment on this post? Your opinions mean nothing to the people like me that are getting screwed. All 3 of the HP laptops that I sent in were Entertainment PC's with a dvd remote control , Tv tuner and a webcam. Two of them were 17" LCD screen laptops. I paid $3200 originally in 2007 for my laptops that ended up being 3 defective computers. The longest went for 16 months before the graphics went out completely. HP refused to do any repairs in late 2008 due to the filed lawsuit. I had already paid for new replacement computers costing me $1700 in 2009 and 2010. Now I get 3 Compaq CQ56 laptops that I can purchase at Walmart for $248. You call that fair. Get Real! i want my original $3200 back because at the time I purchased them HP and Nvidia already knew there were going to be problems. In the last quarter of 2008 Nvidia withheld $250 million dollars from payouts to stockholders in anticipation of a major lawsuit. Less than 1/2 of the affected models were claimed because this lawsuit wasn't broadcasted on any news networks. This entire legal process was a hush up scam. I have already conntacted my states Attorney General. If I get no results I may file a lawsuit myself.
  10. I shipped my $1,033.99 HP Pavilion DV6449-US, 15.4" Widescreen Notebook PC to the Nvidia GPU L.S.A. on April 22, 2011 via FedEx, for repair or replacement.

    August 4th, 2011 I received my 'replacement' Notebook PC; a (apx) $270.00 Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX.

    To say the least, I was shocked. I thought this had to be a mistake. The replacement Notebook doesn't come close to the features or value of my original Notebook.
    (Dual-Core Processor, LightScribe DVD/CD drive, Built-In Webcam and Microphone, Multi-Media Remote Control, etc... It was FAST, POWERFUL & ATTRACTIVELY FINISHED) Someone just screwed up. Soon this will be all resolved. I just need to get to the bottom of this.

    After much research on the web and phone calls trying to get to the bottom of this..... I am now ANGRY! IT seems that NOBODY has any answers for me and I am supposed to just EAT this injustice.

    Nvidia GPU L.S.A. 877-440-7557: "We're mostly only an 'answering service'. We don't have any #'s or persons to refer you to for help. You're HP Notebook has probably been recycled already. That was the SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT. I understand why you would be upset, though."
    Nvidia Corp in Santa Clara, CA 408-486-2000: Although polite and kind..."besides calling the 877-440-7557 & telling them the Notebook doesn’t compare, I have no idea what you can do. I understand why you would be upset."

    I want what I was promised: an equivalent Notebook replacement OR my original HP Notebook returned with a replaced Video Card. At this point I would be happy to get my original HP Notebook back and repair it myself!

    So, I don’t know if anyone has ANY recourse suggestions or advice for me or anyone else who got screwed on this, but if you do.... PLEASE SPEAK UP!
    Thank you!
  11. I am one of those this happened too. My problem is the computer they sent me is junk in that the cd rom drive does not work and I can't print anything. They both worked for about a month and then stopped. I didn't expect a $1000 computer replacement but I did expect one to work.

    This situation does suck.

    I bough a $1k laptop. Dual-core, 500gb, bluetooth, built very sturdy.

    Never was able to use it for more then a month (Circuit City would not declare it a lemon >_<

    They offer a single core, 250gb, no camera, built like a toy. Worst is I never received.

    So yes it is unfair.


    I sent all my paperwork. They acknowledged it and permitted me a replacement.

    Only thing is they never sent me one. They do not have an E-mail to contact. The number listed is only automated.

    So yes I got screwed again.

    I'm going to file a small claim against them. Just on principle of being another Scum of America.
  13. I received the lawsuit notice for my high dollar Dell XPS M1530 that was ordered built directly from Dell. I paid in excess of $2,200. The notice I received indicated I would receive an email regarding the claim process. I did not ever see the email or it could have been directed to my junk email (which I never look at) by hotmail. Needless to say, I missed the deadline and my $2,200 laptop is now trash. I guess in THEIR opinion it probably should have been MY responsibility to follow up instead of just waiting to hear something from those people like promised.
  14. Wonder why Dell or HP doesn't step up here and fight for those affected? This is a bad reflection on them also. I know Dell Direct keeps information on direct purchases and they keep good records of machine serial numbers to know where each machine was sold. They put these crappy chips in their computers which makes an affected person want to shy away from them.
  15. my chip just went and i was never notified by hp/guess its time tyo mtry apple
  16. Is there any information on additional legal action in the works?

    I am on of the people that has suffered through this NVIDIA failure event. I dealt with multiple laptops I purchased going bad, dealt with delays and misinformation from the manufacturer, HP. In the end I was forced to replace the equipment at my own cost. And if that was not enough, my hopes were raised during the NVIDIA lawsuit, that maybe I would get some satisfaction from the poor customer service rendered by NVIDIA and HP. Only to have a huge fail by all parties involved, NVIDIA, HP, Lawyers, Court system, etc. Even though I had proof of purchase, I was denied any claim of even the unfair replacement box, because I did not still have my junk laptops to trade in. The whole situation reminds me of Con games where people are arrested and go to jail for stealing. It would be nice if people had to be responsible for their products.
  17. If the retailers, like Costco who I pay $100 a year for a membership, don't have the balls to take a stand for the consumers to HP and others, then this **** happens.

    I'm tempted to print this article out and tape it to the front door of every local Costco. So when Costco had HP take my PC back to replace the GPU they really didn't do that? All they did was increase the fan speed, make it louder, and hope that I won't complain again or take this crappy settlement where I had to box it up, pay shipping back, wait 16 weeks, to get a Walmart black Friday notebook special. No Thanks.
  18. nambinhvu

    nambinhvu TS Rookie

    HAHAHAHA! NO...I paid nearly $1500 for a 17" 1440x900 resolution laptop with a "good" graphics card, dual core processor, tv tuner that allowed me to also use my laptop as a display for other devices and came with a full sized remote, a smaller ir remote, sd card reader, lightscribe, number pad, dual headphone jacks, easy to press mouse buttons, express card slot, a built in webcam with dual mics, and dual hard drive bays, all which are missing from the replacement laptop. Now tell me you wouldn't be pissed...

    I had to buy a new dual core processor for around $80 to put in the replacement laptop, buy more ram for around $50, cut up and damaged my privacy screen to fit it in the replacement laptop that was originally purchased for my $1500 laptop, which cost me around $30+, purchased an external webcam, for around $10 that is more of a hassle to bring around with the laptop, bought an SD card reader for around $5, purchased a number usb number pad, had no use for my extra battery that I paid nearly $100 for from HP, or any of the other extra parts I paid for to fix up the laptop, had no use for the keyboard cover I purchased for my original laptop, and had to get a new one for around $15, had to buy an adapter that converted my DVD/CD drive slot into a 2nd hard drive bay and one to turn the CD/DVD drive that I removed into an external drive just so I could keep that functionality and the dual hard drives. Not to mention I use to have 4 usb ports, now I have 3, which if I wanted to use all the usb devices to replace the missing functionality from my original laptop wouldn't even be enough, and I don't even have s-video anymore. Don't even get me started on how many times I had to send my laptop in and how much time it spent out of my hands being repaired, within the year warranty, plus the extened 1 year warranty hp provided after realizing the issue, only to update the bios, and make the fan spin harder and louder, which prolonged the issue just enough to be out of warranty. I'm probably missing other things, but you get my point.

    Now read that, and tell me you think it's fair. They make it sound like it's fair, but after reading my reply, you can see that it was obviously completely unfair.

    I ended up paying much more money out of my pocket just to make the laptop decent and give back some of the functionality of my original laptop, personally I woulda liked the $350 much more, then I could have used all that extra money spent to replace missing functionality on a more decent replacement for my DV9074cl.
  19. Nope, they actually got paid 14 Million Dollars plus expenses in 2010 dollars.
  20. Not only did I get a cheap replacement, but now my CQ56 has already gone belly up. The CQ56 has a smaller screen than the HP I had, slower processor, NO camera, etc. I can only say that my replacement for the CQ56 will not be an HP or Compaq and if I can help it, it will not have a Nvidea chip! I agree with a previous comment that the only people that gained from this class action were the lawyers. And did I mention that it took over four months to get the laptop from the time I was approved.
  21. Thats what happens when u vote for the wrong people, they put the wrong workers on the wrong places, make the wrongs laws and wrong rules, we need a Consumer law that defend us from the big corporation, so, ask ur representativre to work on this...after all, they are meant to work for us right ?
  22. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    I'm in the UK and had the same problem with a samsung laptop I purchased in 2007. After 6 months (approx.) of arguing directly with the retailer I eventually got a substantial refund. Did the Class Action Suit in America prevent people from seeking individual refunds/replacements? If you reported having the defect was the Class Action your only option?
  23. I purchased a high end HP NOTEBOOK with DVR, Webcam, a 17" screen, and remote control. The piece of crap that I received has none of that, takes 15 minutes to start up and at least that long to load explorer. I hope each of those attorneys are able to afford a nice box to send them back to their maker.
  24. Mike Denney

    Mike Denney TS Rookie

    I spoke with Roland Riggs, the attorney with Milberg LLP (NY) who was referred to me when I emailed them regarding some of the stipulations in the initial wording of the suit. He impressed me as a tech-savvy attorney, even called me twice--but I was really, really disgusted with the way this thing turned out for those hurt financially by buying this crap. I told Riggs I got the impression that HP had been shipping out laptops, knowing all along they would very likely overheat, and in fact, had probably shut down their 'lines' a few times to restamp these 'faulty', 'overheating-prone' GPUs on boards that weren't really equipped to handle them anyway.
    Murky and speculative as this may seem, I still think this, and 'being right' doesn't make me right about suggesting to Riggs that Milberg might also want to 'look into' the huge number of faulty Bestec desktop power supplies I was also seeing come though my little one-man PC repair operation at the time. I read that Milberg actually made $39 million off handling the nvidia suit, while consumers who 'joined' in it got just around $13 million.
    Well, hope I burn in hell for telling him about the power supply thing--I had this 'zany' idea for BOTH SUITS, that the manufacturers involved (mainly, HP) would set up 'repair kiosks' in hundreds of national shopping malls, advertising in local papers something like: "Do you own an HP Pavilion DVx Laptop manufactured between 20xx and 20xx" (or something similar, with the PS), but, of course, the attorneys/manufacturers jumped in bed together and frankly, formed a veritable slip'n'slide for my trip to Hades (yay!).
    Found Riggs here:
    Yup, fits perfectly--the guy I spoke with was very young, and said he himself had a 'tech' background (had worked previously at BB, CC, or some big box e-store).
    I frigging hate this, because I've ALSO seen a couple of the 'replacement lappies'--those absolutely worthless CQ56's--come through my shop, by the very people who got them as part of the 'settlement' (UNsettling here: they were the ONLY two customers who 'participated' in the suit).
    For what I've seen in the CQ56's, I'd toss Judge Ware straight to hell, as well, for his own, personal, little 'noob/cronyish' assessment of the things--one client of mine who had to settle with it was a young Bosnian mom with a newborn, living in the same 2BR apt. as her folks.
    Just a really, really shitty way to mishandle this suit, entirely, and I wish the Supreme Court would get off their asses and actually 'learn' something to begin looking at the way these suits tend to be mishandled and pay to the attorneys such vast fees, while the hapless consumers end up with even more rubbish to have to repair.
    Her CQ56 was overheating within a month of her having received it, and I felt somewhat LARGELY responsible for telling her about the suit at all.

    I saw HP lappies ranging anywhere from big 19" screens (over $1200 back then), down to little 15.4" models which customers paid less than $500 for; but where I differ from this *****ic judge who mishandled the case, is here: In my 'professional opinion', having repaired hundreds of laptops myself, I'd consider the Nvidia GPU in question not only to be a 'pre-existing' [manufacturer's] defect, but also one they fully knew about.
    Judgement: plaintiff(s)--full reimbursement per customer, in the amt of 'whatever they originally paid' for these albatrosses, from retail, all they way down to 'yard sale', if they could prove it worked when they bought it. Plus, the community service I'd dole out to HP in particular (for knowing), nVidia (to a lesser extent, but still...heavy in it), would be in the way of 'public humiliation', complete with 'top-down' CEOs strutting about in their shark-skins in front of Best Buy wearing sandwich-boards saying stuff like "I made millions as an HP exec while knowingly screwing consumers out of hundreds of millions".
    Pure Fantasy, and I know it--gonna have my head examined very soon. Some people are just born without consciences.

    This is typical of what I saw--many customers I had, having these issues, everything from pricey, $1k+ 19" multimedia models, down to 15.4", home-consumer-grade units, all doled out the CQ56 'excuse for a laptop', which immediately began overheating, along with having other issues. I had one in 3 mos. after a customer got it--installing Speedfan, selling her a $10 monoprice cooling pad was all I could do, and this did not easy my own conscience any, since I'd told her about the suit myself.
  25. Angeldrd

    Angeldrd TS Rookie

    How can I get some financial help about my failed Nvidia chip? If the lawsuit was in 2008, that was even before I bought my computer! Now my chip is dead and I'm left with no computer!

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