D is now my removable CD drive

  1. Helpy me I took and put a diffent windows Xp on my computer and then now i dont have a D hard drive just my C. and everthing is going into C drive. can you please help me because certain things will not run in the c has to go in the d
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    Well "lena95teacher", if you'll tell me exactly where "geaorgia" is, I might be persuaded to tell you exactly where you went wrong with your Windows installation.

    Also, the name of a city or specific geographic location is a proper noun, and accordingly must be capitalized.

    The reason you don't have a "D:/" drive, is because you didn't tell Windows to create one. In most instances, "D:/", is not actually a drive per se, but a "partition".

    It's generally a spare copy of Windows , loaded by the PC maker, to be summoned in case of a "system restore" becoming necessary.

    Windows, by default, installs everything on "C:/".

    Partitions may be created on a single hard drive, to facilitate separating data storage from system and program files. This is done to protect data files in case a system restore becomes necessary. The data files might be on "G:/", (not an actual hard drive, but a partition on the same HDD), and only the system drive "C:/" would be overwritten at the time of the reinstall.

    Think of a "HDD partition" as something that acts a physical "index separator", that you might use to divide recipes from electric bills in paper storage.

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