Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate review

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Depending for how long you've been using computers or how much of a geek you are, you may have heard about how old fashioned keyboards that used mechanical key switches were immensely better and built to last. We are talking about the really old keyboards here, like the ones that shipped with the original IBM PC in the early 80s.

Fast forward to the present day and you can easily tell priorities have changed considerably. Internal components are usually the ones driving sales, and the mouse is often considered the more important input device.
Now, enter the Das Keyboard: the original Das Keyboard (Ultimate) that uses totally blank keys and the Das Keyboard Professional, which adds inscriptions on the keys. We tested both versions of the product which are essentially the same except the above, but we did this with the purpose of experiencing how the blank board could aid you becoming a touch typist per the maker's claims.

The Das Keyboard may strike you at first with its extremely plain looks compared to some other options on the market. There are no fancy LCD screens, built-in media buttons, macro keys or touch-sensitive pads. What you do get, however, is a basic keyboard layout with a glossy black enclosure, mechanical switches on every key and a built-in two-port USB hub. This minimalist look and feel is exactly what the team over Metadot was aiming for.

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I'd really be interested in getting my hands on one of those - especially when it comes time to teach my girls how to type.
How much for one of those? :)
Shouldn't be too much though, i already type without looking at the keyboard,
however, if you told me to click on a specific number (4 9 5 6..), i wouldn't know, i would count from 1 :p
The blank keyboard is cool, but like the review said "minimalist," keyboard. Not for my gaming machine apparently. I just love my macro binds too much. I would like something like that for a wireless function for the home entertainment system
I never liked the clicky sound before, and I still don't. What I think is cool though is the blank keys. Where can I find a modern minimalist keyboard with blank keys?