DayZ Standalone

By TechGamer
Nov 24, 2013
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  1. Title Says it What do u think about the game is it a game youll be playing do u enjoy survival games and do u think it should really be a Must be Played game or just a normal game
  2. GhostRyder

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    I love Dayz as the part of the Arma 2 game as it is now, so I will definitely play the standalone. Its a cool survival game and I like it because besides the rules of life, there are no rules. Every choice you make has a consequence in real time and depends on what your doing at the time.

    I saw the beta they showed of the Dayz Standalone, however I was a little disappointed they were not farther along in it. But its going to be great so long as they iron out the bugs!
  3. TechGamer

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    Definitely I think they should already release the game they already said they have enough performance for 10- 20 people but as we know it is dayZ after all we need bigger servers and more stable but for alpha il be happy to just play with 20 people but the truth is it really is still buggy I saw a video were a zombie litterly took 5 seconds to react but o well since there still working on it im still anticipating a great game

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