DCOM Server Process Launcher settings

By Nickamoondo
Jan 24, 2010
  1. Hi, im running windows Vista and i just got a terrible worm.. you might have heard of it, its called worm win32 netsky. It really messes up your computer, and I got all of it except i get random shut downs because of Plug and play errors and DCOM errors. I think i just figured out what was wrong with the Plug and play error, i havent gotten another error from that yet, if you have more information about the plug and play error please still feel free to post anything you know about this error. I think i can fix the DCOM error but when i go into its settings everything is shaded as if i cant change any of the settings.. which i cant.

    So if you know how to fix it so i can change settings then ill be golden :)

    Thanks for your helppp!

    PS: I still get random web page pop ups that open in a new tab, any information on that would also be much appreciated.
    Please feel free to look at the images for additional infromation

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