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Jan 8, 2009
  1. OK, I have one of the hundreds of dead Gateway's that use the Foxconn C51GU01 MB. I am also seeing some of the GT and other series that use the FIC KTB51G on Ebay with the same condition, no POST, video, or keyboard, only harddrive and fans work. I have read that maybe FIC made the boards for Foxconn. I contacted Foxconn, they said "we supply the board but don't support it". The 2 boards look the same so who knows?
    I have my board out, can see no popped capacitors or burned area. Had the power supply tested, they told me it was ok. reset the BIOS and unplugged everything plus all the other tips I have read in the last 3 months. still same results.
    is there any tie to the famous emachine power supply troubles? this has a bestec 300w.
    what is the actual failure on these boards?
    if both boards are failing, what makes the board fail? is it another part or even the case?
    does any body repair them?
    can I make my Gateway supplied W-XP work with a new board that is not an exact replacement? if so, how do I do that?
    I am so disgusted with Gateway, they must know this is a problem board, but they simply don't care. I have been reading other forums that suggest this is a widespread problem.
    thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Tmagic650

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    The motherboards are probably just dieing by themselves. Some say that the motherboard takes out the power supplies, not the otherway around. You could replace the motherboards with a more "modern" motherboard, power supply, DDR2 memory and CPU. I really think that your wasting your time on trying to blame Gateway. They bought out eMachines some time ago and like all companies, they wanted to make as much money as they could offering a cheap computer. Afterall, you get what you pay for... Don't you
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The Bestec series is notorious for dying spontaneously, usually killing the mobo and RAM as well.

    IMO, get a new mobo and re-install everything again. For XP, call MS and tell them you had to replace the mobo. They'll be able to help you with activation.
  4. gt5032

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    Yes, I thought so. That's why I paid 850.00 for the Gateway tower and didn't buy the Emachine.
    And the fact that they want to make money makes selling inferior parts ok?

    As fas as MS helping with the OS install, I thought that since it was a Gateway version, they would refer me to Gateway, who has already told me it won't work unless I use the same board.
    I would like to fix this thing, it is far from obsolete, but 300.00 for a refurbished MB - no warranty- is out of the question.
    I don't want to spend more fixing this than it would cost to buy a new PC. This is a BTX board, which narrows the field.
    I am considering a barebones deal and transferring my stuff, if I could use my present OS it would save me a 100.00.
  5. Tmagic650

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    "I don't want to spend more fixing this than it would cost to buy a new PC. This is a BTX board, which narrows the field"...

    If it is indeed a BTX motherboard trash the whole system and build up a quality Barebones system using at least a dual core CPU, mini ATX motherboard and quality DDR2 or better memory, and a good power supply. I looked at the GT5032 specs, Good processor, ok chipset, poor power supply and older spec memory. $850 you poor fellow... We could have built you a killer "state of the art" computer and still made a profit for that price
  6. adweston

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    Both Gateway and Emachines are owned by Acer now.. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.
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