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Death Stranding will have a Very Easy Mode for non-gamers

By Shawn Knight · 8 replies
Sep 9, 2019
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  1. Regardless of whether or not that premonition comes to pass, Kojima wants it to be an enjoyable experience for anyone that picks up a controller. As such, he’s added a “Very Easy” mode that should ensure that virtually anyone who gives it a whirl will be able to complete the game.

    Kojima said that even someone who never completed the first stage in Pac-Man was able to beat Death Stranding on Very Easy mode.

    Indeed, there is no shortage of great games with compelling stories but some of them are prohibitively difficult, especially for those who don’t identify as gamers. While some might agree that the feeling of triumph when overcoming a challenge is part of the reward, others would say that a great story should be accessible to all without having to have a particular set of skills to obtain it.

    Death Stranding features a star-studded cast including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Lea Seydoux, among others.

    And don't worry, there's always Normal and Hard Modes for those that want more of a challenge.

    Death Stranding launches on November 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing - click on the rock below.. Posts: 4,135   +1,218

    I'm old enough and arthritic, so Very Easy Mode sounds good to me... I'll just be in it for the story and not to improve my twitch.
    jtveg and Godel like this.
  3. fluffydestroyer

    fluffydestroyer TS Booster Posts: 104   +44

    As long as its an option and its not forced, I don't even see the problem. Thats good and Kojima is right about his reasons why to include it. Makes sense to me.
  4. Morris Minor

    Morris Minor TS Addict Posts: 119   +58

    Should help all those non-gamer gaming journalists
    jtveg, Burty117 and Panda218 like this.
  5. vayeate

    vayeate TS Enthusiast Posts: 33   +27

    Just call it journalist mode :D
  6. Lew Zealand

    Lew Zealand TS Guru Posts: 834   +729

    A built-in walkthrough that I don't need to keep up on a second screen to finish the game? But think of the lost Twitch & Youtube advertising dollars! What the hell will all the streamers do now that *anyone* can play the game?
    jtveg likes this.
  7. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 3,571   +2,051

    Not everybody will buy it at launch and will just wait for a better deal later. I'm still hoping it comes to PC at launch.

    Edit: I'm fine with the game being interactive storytelling
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  8. ziffel66

    ziffel66 TS Member Posts: 24   +16

    Or, you know, just watch the cutscenes on youtube.
    loki1944 likes this.
  9. jtveg

    jtveg TS Booster Posts: 61   +18

    All games should have a "very easy mode" and even better an "invulnerable" or "God" mode.

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