Something to look forward to: Death Stranding, the upcoming action game that producer Hideo Kojima has poured the last several years of his life into, is less than two months away. We still don't know exactly what the title entails but we're increasingly getting the impression that it could be something that transcends traditional gaming.

Regardless of whether or not that premonition comes to pass, Kojima wants it to be an enjoyable experience for anyone that picks up a controller. As such, he's added a "Very Easy" mode that should ensure that virtually anyone who gives it a whirl will be able to complete the game.

Kojima said that even someone who never completed the first stage in Pac-Man was able to beat Death Stranding on Very Easy mode.

Indeed, there is no shortage of great games with compelling stories but some of them are prohibitively difficult, especially for those who don't identify as gamers. While some might agree that the feeling of triumph when overcoming a challenge is part of the reward, others would say that a great story should be accessible to all without having to have a particular set of skills to obtain it.

Death Stranding features a star-studded cast including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Lea Seydoux, among others.

And don't worry, there's always Normal and Hard Modes for those that want more of a challenge.

Death Stranding launches on November 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4.