Dell announces trio of all-in-one desktops, challenges 27-inch iMac


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Dell is refreshing its line of all-in-one desktops with three new models sporting 20-, 23- and 27-inch display sizes. The larger of the bunch matches Apple's popular iMac with a...

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@captainawesome: because they're stupid, trying to match the specs of Apple and maybe a bit of Intel fanboyism at Dell.


[SIZE=14px][FONT=Helvetica]captainawesome, "Base specs include a 2.8GHz, quad-core i5-3450S with Intel HD 4000 graphics, along with an optional upgrade to Nvidia's GeForce GT 640M GPU with 2GB of GDDR5 memory."[/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px][FONT=Helvetica]If you check even the most basic gaming benchmarks, it becomes obvious why Dell didn't bother with AMD's APU. Anyone who even remotely cares about graphics performance will spend a little more and get at least a 640M, which slaughters Trinity:[/FONT][/SIZE]

[FONT=Helvetica][SIZE=14px]However, the CPU performance would still be [/SIZE][SIZE=14px]lacklustre[/SIZE][SIZE=14px] with the A10. It would have made sense if the price range was $500, but for $700 it makes no sense to go with such a slow CPU.[/SIZE][/FONT]


Most people are smart enough to see that Trinity targets the utmost budget systems and has no place in $700+ systems. Its performance is simply not fast enough for games, while the CPU performance is still lacklustre. Of course, that's the whole point of Trinity - budget laptops.


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this treat cos me to do a little investigation for prices (in my country)
I got P5K PRO with cd2duo E8600 / nVidia 9600 GTS/ 4gigs of ram + Win7/32bits and
im just *** king (dont bother with spelling )

why QX9775 costs ~700 euro?