Dell BIOS password removal

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Predator 25,

Maybe you can help me, Mr. Rustam hasn't replied after 3 posts.

Dell Latitude D820
Srvc Tag # GYPWCC1-595B
Srvc Code# 36927866737

Please help if you can?

dell latitude d620

i have a password lock in bios that can't let me change the setting, how i can remove that password, i used a program "latitude.exe" which give me a password from service tag but does not work
is there a solution help me plz
service tag is GLFYQ2J-595b
expresse service code 361-251-214-06
Yeah, rustam_, predator25, or anyone with a 595B program, please help:
Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop
Service Tag #HCX50B1-595B
Express Service Code 37786554829
Dell D620 password

Dear Friends,

I have a D620 and my ex-girlfriend locked the bios and forgot the password. The laptop is now stopped for that.

Service Tag #HJN0WB1-595B
Express Service Code: 38192830093
bios A04

Please help me

Thanks a lot
Another D620 595B locked laptop

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me unlock this computer for my boss.

Service tag: 8K8J3B1-595B
Express service code: 18637909885

Dell D620 (595B) password authentication

Hi @ all. Sorry for my bad english at first :p

I have to unlock an Dell D620 Notebook. Its locked by an authentication system. Maybe somebody is able to help me solve the problem.

The service tag is 79Z0R2J-595B.

Please help me out! Thank you very much!

Inspiron 6000 update - Anyone who can help

ezedb said:

I tried the 3 links at the bottom of your last charitable posting yesterday along with many others. A friend of mine who is a single parent without much money bought a used Inspiron 6000 for his son for school. It appears to have be BIOS password protected as it says, "This computer system #1P16091-595B is protected by a password....". The original owner of this laptop died unexpectedly recently and now it is of no use to anybody. Can you help us out?
Thank you for considering this request.

update: For the record, my single parent friend got their money back & was told he could keep it as it is good for nothing at this point.. I read about many of these also have hard drive protection, so I took the hard drive out & put it in another pc. The other pc recognizes it in the BIOS setup, but Windows XP doesn't recognize it at all (not in Windows explorer or Disk Management). So I'm afraid if someone was kind enough to help me with the BIOS password, then I might have to come back here and plead for a hard drive password. Any help, thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks again to anyone who responds.
Dell 640m

I too have been reading this thread like crazy and it seems there are very few alternatives in removing the pesky "grey screen of death" password.

I have a Dell 640m that is essentially a giant door stop right now! So, if anyone (it seems rustam_ is the expert here) could help me with the master password, I would be very grateful.

Service Tag: JWF2LC1-595B
Express Service Code: 43319097217

Thanks in advance...

i´m begging for your help

This computer system, #8SWCR2J-595B, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.

(under that says)

Please type the primary or administrative password and press <Enter>.

Service Tag - 8SWCR2J
Express Code - 191-616-542-83

Thanks in advance

EMAILemail removed
Better late than never....

yeah people finally razik give me the password for my d620 but now i got HDD lock... password work fine for the gray screen... but now i need password for unlock the HDD... that mean im still in the same page....
thanks razik....
now back to normal .. could someone please help me with the password for the hard disk... #CN8Y3H6WBGL-595B

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.......thanks in advance...
Once again I'm back trying to get this damn laptop working... The d520 seems to be a real pain as I see that there a very few people that can unlock them. I think rustam_ has unlocked one or two, but thats about all the info I can come up with. I attempted to order another motherboard and replace the offending one, but it was damaged in transit and the guy I got it from failed to insure it so I'm out that money as well. No chance shorting them I hear so here we are again...


rustam_, you seem to be the master on this problem but I dont know what your criteria is for helping people as it seems to be fairly random. If you cant do it for some reason please tell my what the problem is so I can attack it from another angleAny help or info would be much appreciated... especially if you deem me a candidate for your help. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

> Service Tag: 71WYFC1-595B
> Service Code: 15353296417
its me again.. after few conversation with razik... he explained to me what happen...and im glad that everything is ok again....finally he gave me the password and now the problem is other hahahahaha HDD lock....#CN8Y3H6WBGL-595B and waiting for a wise guy to help me out.... i hope that someone can help me out to complete what i started long time ago....(see my dell D620 working)..difficult until now but still got hope.... thanks in advance.....once again thanks razik for the password...
indeed r0senberg, after reading all the threads 'til today about this dell password problem, i've come the conclusion that help comes waaaay far as i've read it's because rustam isn´t around the site almost all the time...maybe work maybe other things...

but i join forces with you so maybe we could get some help around....just take a look at our big problem: first we got a dell computer locked.........then, we come to the situation that if we eventually get a functional master password then almost all the times harddrive is locked too!!!! that´s too much...and then we need to start all over again the search for help about getting the hd unlocking would be great if rustam could share that software not to us all that ask for passwords, but to someone of the moderators of the forum that keeps around often so we could solve our problem. I know it's too much people with the same problem, but i guess that if we use "divide and conquer" we could solve our problems....just look at me, i'm from central america, student who got no money not even tu pay for a password not to say a new laptop and not even the shorting technique was able to get me in this garbage....i'm thinking about dumping this laptop for good...

if you could help us rustam, maybe through one of the moderators, we'll thank you for life.

Service tag #8ZNHC01-595B.
Yes I agree it would be very helpful to have a moderator that was able to use the MASTER PW GENERATOR to help members here. It might be a little more work to keep up with demand, but it would reduce the amount of people "selling" that service, the amount of hate mail from people that were swindled by those in question and the number of repeat requests to rustam_ and others to unlock their computers. So in short... Yeah that would be awesome! Will it really happen? I doubt it. That old theory of sharing the knowledge is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Maybe they have their reasons. I'm curious to see who, if anyone, will step up now to be helpful.

Any Takers?

Service Tag: 71WYFC1-595B
Service Code: 15353296417
I have a D620 and my ex-girlfriend locked the bios and forgot the password. The laptop is now stopped for that.

Service Tag #HJN0WB1-595B
Express Service Code: 38192830093
bios A04

Please help me

Thanks a lot
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