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Has any forum member encountered a "stop all activity" order from Financial Services when trying to submit a change of ownership form ? I purchased a relatively new Dell XPS M1530 from a storage unit auction and while trying to assume ownership online, a D-Tech took me all the way to the point of removing the Master P/W then announced a problem w/ Financial Services. Using a landline I contacted them only to have Finance transfer me straight back to Support which said they were transfering me back to Finance who said they would transfer me to T. Support.... at which point I hung up. Any Clues out there ? I have noticed user hpgl posting bios/master p/w and submit the following info in hope theres a chance I too could be helped.
Thankx to all forum users and especially posters who dare to break the bond big industry thinks they have on the personal computers who purchase their products..

Dell XPS M1530
Duo 2.4
service 5TBZ6G1
express 12657547873
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Surely someone has encountered this situation w/ Dell Financial. As big as they are and as many of us that there are,the chances are atleast 50-50. So I'll ask in a diff'rent way:
Anyone care to share their tips, numbers and or experiences sufferred from DELL with respect to master p/w requests, change of ownership requests and generally any info we as a group may find usefull ? Like,for example,the pertinent info from a live support chat (number codes ) not the entire chat but the meat of the request..

anyway just an attempt to get my post number up and maybe get the info to do it myself. My selfishness shall end with this: I've shorted 6 systems with 100% success and will post my photos and results.

Dell XPS M1530
s/t 5TBZ6G1
e/t 12657547873
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