Dell Demension 4700 no video

  1. Hello everyone, I am new here, and my name is Bryan. I have my friends Dell Dimension 4700 here at my place. It was acting funny and turning off randomly. I searched the internet and found that the power supply normally is the issue. I bought a Antec 350w Power supply from the local repair shop buy their suggestion. I also replaced the CMOS battery and FAN. I took everything out of the computer and cleaned off the old dust and stuff. Using Compress air in a can, and some electronics cleaner. I put everything back together, and when I turn the computer on, I am not getting any VIDEO, Mouse, Keyboard, nothing. No beeps, no flashing lights etc. If I plug the mouse in and out of the spot, it briefly flashes and then goes dead. I don't even think the HD is turning on as the light doesn't do anything either. The power light is on steadily and Amber in color. The diagnostic Lights in the back do not light up, or flash either. How ever, there is a extremely small green light next to the main power connector at the Motherboard. The PCM fan turns on high and stays on.
    I searched the internet and came across a post to remove and reinstall the RAM. I did this with no help. I do have to mention that I did remove the Chip to ensure that no compound go stuck under it. When I reinstalled the cooling block back to the chip, I did use compound. No I didn't spray the chip down with electronic cleaner.

    Any and all assistance would be much appreciated.
  2. Tmagic650

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    The motherboard is bad :(
  3. Bryan Bottorff

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    Hello and thank you for your help. By chance, do you know if this motherboard on Ebay will work or not? Here are the numbers on my computers mother board.
    LGA775 (Top)

    DS/N CN-OM3918-70821-4BQ-044K:C/O CN (Middle)

    E210882 (Bottom Right)

    Ebay Item number: 110877767577

    Do you know if I can use the Processor from the one on eBay or do I need to use my old one. Is there any formatting involved or is it simply plug and play?

    Thanks for all the help..

  4. Tmagic650

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    I think you can use that board and CPU directly like plug and play. Sometimes the original Windows install will work okay and sometimes not...

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