Dell Dimension 3000 Upgrades Problems

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Aug 10, 2009
  1. Hi guys,

    I have a problem on my computer, Dell Dimension 3000, after I upgraded the new PCI graphics card yesterday. I followed the steps by step guides that came with the product, and it's working fine and good. However, when I play games online for a long time, the graphics are starting to get all messed up. I bought the nViDiA GeForce 8400 GS Graphics Card with 512 MB DDR2. Before buying this graphics card, I have been browsing the Internet about what to buy and such, but when I went to Best Buy, they told me this is the only graphics card that can work with my Dell Dimension 3000, so I bought it anyway.
    So my question to you guys, "Is this a good graphics card for my computer or shall i buy a better one online?" Please tell me what you think, and by the way, one thing confused me is that in my computer, there is 3 slots of PCI card slot, but when I put the new Graphics card, they asked me to replace the old one with a new one. So I don't know if I should have left it there and install the new one on the other slot since there's 3 slots anyway? Is it also the reason why my graphics card is acting all crazy?
    And for my last question is, "Should I get a new Power Supply for my Computer?
    because I heard with the new graphics card, a new power supply is needed with at least around 400-500 Watts. But, others also say that power supply can't be upgraded easily because it is attached to the motherboard.
  2. Placebos

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    Hi 6one9,

    After taking a brief glimpse of the computer specs and the card specs, it looks like the card is actually a PCI-e interface as opposed to the Dell Dimension 3000 which only has PCI expansion slots.

    That aside, the card you bought is a decent card that should play all games at a moderate graphic level. The power supply that you have seems to do the job. If you needed one, you would notice right away when the computer would not start up.

    What is the service tag on the computer?
  3. 6one9

    6one9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The service tag number is HSJJV51.

    So i see, if the power supply can't hold the new graphics card, the PC wouldn't start up. It all makes sense now bro. Any advice or tips for me ?
  4. Placebos

    Placebos TS Rookie Posts: 42

    Quickly looking at the specs for your computer:

    2 J0201 Dual Inline Memory Module 256, 400M, 32X64 8K, 184

    Your computer originally came with 512MB of RAM. You should look in to upgrading this to at least 1GB. This could also be affecting your graphics.

    Either way, it looks like you will be replacing this computer within one to two years if you want to keep up with decent gaming. Especially with the Celeron processor.
  5. 6one9

    6one9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, I already have around 1.5 GB of RAM Memory, but I will try to get the other 500 MB.

    Well, anyway, I went to the Driver Section and look for the VIdeo Card I have now, and updated the driver. So far, after upgrading it, it seems its working fine now.
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