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Dell Inspiron 1300 battery meter

By bigsal2k9
Mar 9, 2009
  1. hi all

    annoying little problem, i had a virus called iamfamous.dll which i have removed.
    but now my system is working fine, or at least i thought, i noticed my battery meter is missing from the tray next to the time and date.

    ive googled this a million times, every1 says untick the box in power options to always show then retick, ive tried this about 84 times lol

    next trick was to install dell quickset which still didnt show me how much battery i have left
    the battery status' on dell quickset is greyed out

    and on my inspiron 1300 the fn+f3 to bring up battery meter doesnt work.

    any1 with a similar problem or someone who has a solution for me please help!!!
    some screenshots are attached

    sorry about the format jpeg was taking ages to upload
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