Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop is dead

By badman41
Dec 10, 2008
  1. Inspiron 2200 laptop wont power up, no LEDs, no display, no HD activity. The laptop may have been rolled on by someone while it was on a bed. Took the laptop apart and cannot find any visible mechanical damage or electrical connections broken- everything looks ok. Power is coming in through the DC connector (16.5vdc) and power is on the motherboard in several places on a number of ICs (+9vdc, +3vdc). Power on switch contact closures are working as they should when the power on switch is pressed but I do not know what circuitry the switch contacts feed. I do not have a motherboard schematic or layout and do not know how the power up sequence is initiated when he power on button is depressed (How processor gets it power, HD gets it power, etc).

    Any advice is appreciated.
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