Dell Inspiron 3521 not detecting graphics card

By Mashal
Mar 5, 2014
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  1. I've owned a Dell Inspiron for a few months now. Whenever I tried to open up the simplest of games, such as minesweeper, I received an error that my hardware acceleration might not be working or supported by my video card. I tried everything from downloading new drivers and checking (and rechecking) to make sure the hardware acceleration was working. It doesn't just extend to not being able to play a few games. I can't adjust the screen's brightness or put my laptop on Sleep or Hibernate (the options are available, but greyed out). I just checked the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and noticed that the Display Device, Driver and Direct X features are either blank, n/a or not available. I've attached the diagnostic text if you guys need to review it. I'm not really that tech savvy so can somebody guide me on how to fix this issue?

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