Dell Keyboard not working properly on Asus computer

By yetisoft
Sep 13, 2009
  1. I recently bought a Dell computer that came with a HID Keyboard. I wan't to use the keyboard on my other computer which i think is an ASUS, however the multimedia keys fail to work at all, yet they work perfectly on my new Dell computer!

    Please help, i've been looking around for software, driver updates and even played around with the computer registry with no amend.
    i'm confident with computers however i lack the experiance, please give detailed instrustions. thanks so much!
  2. strategic

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    Welcome to Techspot.
    The multimedia keys require special drivers for them to function.
    You haven't stated that you installed them.
    If you post all your keyboard specs (normally found on a sticker on the bottom), I'll try to help you find the appropriate drivers. If you post the computer specs (operating system, etc.), it would help also since drivers vary between operating systems.
  3. yetisoft

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    Ok thankyou so much.
    My keyboard properties state that the keyboard has a driver installed and functioning.
    There isn't alot of specs on the back lable, just manufacuring details and model numbers ect. but i can tell you it is a Dellâ„¢ USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard. It's advitised as: USB interface for easy plug & play. i dislike the easy part. so far the dell website has be useless.

    My comp specs are sutch: OS: Win XP 2003 home. duel 2199mhz intel processer. 2gig ram. dunno if any of that is helpful. thats all i can give you at the moment.
    Thankyou soo much for your help
  4. strategic

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    This is exactly the info I need to help locate a driver...
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