Dell laptop - expert advice requested

By sunandoghosh
Mar 25, 2011
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  1. Hi Forum Friends,
    Pls offer your expert advice on following.
    I have to buy a laptop and need your kind assistance in figuring out following:
    # I want to buy a Dell Laptop only (no other brands)
    Reason: It offers seamless international 3 years warranty
    # I would ideally love to buy i7 core which I believe is the most powerful processor now
    (Can downgrade to 5i if budget is exceeded)
    # I am fine with 14 inches. Even 13 inches would be fine.
    # RAM I need is 4GB but love if it’s 8 GB
    # I would love to have a soft touch pad (example like Latitude E4310) and not a metal one because its very uncomfortable to click
    # My budget is USD 700 – USD 800 but can stretch if needed
    # I need laptop soon so would like to order soon
    Based on above which model would you recommend from Dell and pls let me know how to get good deals / coupons etc so that I can balance cost.
    Thanks in advance for your time and advice.
    I really await ur replies.
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