Dell Latitude E6400, E6500 suffering major performance issues?

By Matthew ยท 36 replies
Dec 1, 2009
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  1. techsp10

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    It's a big problem for Dell... Maybe they have to replace those products that have a bad performance...
  2. Had the e6400 laptop for almost a year now. Had to purchase it as part of nursing school program ($1500) btw...Anyhow the problems pretty much started several months after owning this laptop. It started out with very laggy and slowed operation responses and skipping sounds to the sound shutting down all together. Apparently everyone in the class also have this sound support? right....Not surprised here that Dell is failing to step up to the plate....
  3. Got a Dell Latitude E6400 with an intermittent red hue on the LCD.
    Changed motherboard and LCD.
    Any answers?
  4. captaincranky

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    If I've caught the basic drift of this thread, Dell's implementation of energy saving software is faulty. I truly sympathize, since I refuse to even install energy saving software in desktops. Methinks you get a minimally lower electric bill, but with a computer that really isn't ready, willing, or able, until the mood strikes. Oh, you can keep those "green" HDDs too.
  5. Leeky

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    I totally agree, energy saving is for ultra portables or laptops - A desktop is mains powered and should run at full steam.

    Every setting on mine is for performance, with the exception of turning my LCDs off if they're not used for 10 mins or more - My PC doesn't even standby, and everything is full brightness.

    I couldn't use an eco-friendly desktop - Sod that!! lol.

    Back onto Dell: I feel bad for those experiencing problems. I've owned many Dell's and would happily purchase again as well.
  6. Dell has taken a page out of all great computer companies that have then failed. Like HP, Compaq, and Acer, now dell has decided to put quality by the wayside, and build a crummy, unreliable system, in hopes it's brand name will make sells and Dell can make big profits by cutting around the corners. Unfortunately like the other computer companies found out, Dell is realizing, computer users know when a computer is crummy. We have fallen for unreliable systems before, and now we know we can't trust a Dell. My 5 year old computer from IBM is working better than this Latittude/E6500. Hope your profits are great, Dell!!! I will never buy a Dell. Time for an up and coming computer firm to grab market share from Dell. Michael Dell, you were smart, now your just greedy.
  7. Do make a long story short bought a lattitude e6410 had it 6 weeks hd went in June. Dell sent new hd drive. installed. This happen again about six weeks later and then again six weeks after that. I spoke to support manager after third time and convinced them to replace computer. That was in middle of September. It's now middle of November and the hd just went. I can really complain about support but the product sucks. I have to go call dell now...
  8. szeev

    szeev TS Rookie

    My Dell Latitude E6500 works well but has one very annoying problem. The screen brightness often fades in and out. This happens regardless of whether it is running on AC or DC or if it is connected to an external monitor. Has anyone had this problem?
  9. I've owned a Dell E6500 Business Performance for over a year. The "Performance" model has a beefed up processor and more RAM, (and I think I better video card) as well as a larger hard drive with a faster RPM, which should all mean better performance. (Hence PERFORMANCE).

    As far as performance goes, it performs like garbage. It was outrageously expensive and is easily outperformed by machines that cost half as much. It chugs and strains when you're not even doing very much, so forget doing anything intensive without trying to optimize your programs. And why do I have to run windows diagnostics to turn wireless internet on EVERY TIME I want to connect?

    Well, suffice to say, thanks to this purchase, I will never again buy a Dell laptop, and may never purchase a Dell desktop either, despite having two Dell desktops that have worked quite well for some time. I simply can't risk making the same mistake twice, not with what they charged me for this thing. I sit around praying for some fatal issue so that I might have the slightest chance of throwing it back to Dell and getting my damn money back.
  10. We have hundreds of these and havent had any problems and I have only experience great customer service...could I could just be lucky. It is wrong to censor/ban people for genuine issues, maybe there is a size restriction on individual posts...still wrong. Im in the UK and our hardware is shipped from Ireland not China. *though the part are probabaly from there. lol
  11. I have a 6500 and it has broken many times. DELL is HORRIBLE.
  12. Bought my son as required at expensive college a 6400 laptop. Works for 2-3 months, we had to reinstall op system. Slow to hang up for hours. Have spent hundreds of dollars trying to keep this POS alive. 20-30 hours on the phone. I will never deal with Dell again. This is clearly a known issue that they are ignoring. The entire Quinnipiac student body will confirm this. Worst laptop ever created.

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