Dell Latitude won't start

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Apr 2, 2007
  1. I am new to this site and joined because I have a technical problem with my 3 year old Dell Latitude 600. When I press the start button to start it, the little lights light for about 2-3 seconds and then shut off. Nothing even comes to the screen. Any ideas?
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    Sorry to be so long answering, ive been a bit busy, usual cause is faulty memory chips or ones that have just worked loose, if you have 2 chips try either in DImm1 socket and see if it works, failing that the board is going bad, do an Ebay search on the board and see what it costs to replace it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have torn apart my desktops, but never my laptop. Is it difficult? The crazy thing about the no start problem is that I can hit the start button a dozen times with the same result and then walk back to it an hour later and it will fire up on the first push of the key. Sound like the board?
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    I had the same problem with my work laptop.
    Yes, they ultimately replaced the mobo.
    Btw, I found it was often a HEAT problem... when the laptop is VERY heated up, it would do this:
    hit power, it churns, then shuts off.
    hit power, it churns, then shuts off.
    hit power, it churns, then shuts off.
    let it cool for 30min or more
    hit power, it works.....
    then as laptop heats up, it shuts off suddenly with no warning ;p

    check the fan at the back too, to ensure it is venting properly.
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    You dont say if its a D600 or C600, I have a C600 and the memory sits in a hole underneath beneath a plate, you remove 2 screws to get to it, like Huzz2K says it could be a heat issue, there is a prog called I8kfangui that you can use to turn the onboard fan on at will, do a google for it.

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    Same problem but D610 what is a DImm1
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    I've seen this problem now several times with some hp laptops. If the unit will not power up using just AC power (no battery) and you've tested the AC adapter using a voltmeter then it's the motherboard or some other component on the laptop usually an internal power supply

    I know of a company that will repair not replace the motherboard for a flat rate of $150, although they charged me $185 on the last unit I sent them. It's cheaper than buying a new mobo. PM if you want the info
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