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Jan 16, 2009
  1. Hi. I'm stuck and can't seem to get help from the companies I buy from. Yea! Anyway, I am hoping someone out there can help me. I have Dell Media Experience. And, I installed an external HP DVD burner. I have the codecs I need downloaded. However, when the media experience is almost completed, it gives an "Unknown Error" message and won't finish the burn. Any ideas on this? I have searched and searched, but no answer and Dell, nor HP are any help. I am guessing the problem is the software, and not the HP burner. Dunno?????
    Thanks for any ideas! Am
  2. raybay

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    Bad optical drive. Currently the highest failure rate of any desktop computer component. Just because it is new does not mean it is working properly. Also look at all other parameters
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    next step

    So, basically you think it is the hardware, not the software and I should take it back? (I'm not trying to be stupid, I just want to confirm that I understand-I think I'm ocd) Thank you. Am
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    First, I would check the Dell Web Site Support for your model and service tag. They have a very large list of optical drives which require a firmware or driver update to fix problems with each optical drive... Each posting is separate so you will need to take your DVD drive out and read the label on the top to get the model number.
    Then if your firmware is up to date, the drive is defective and when you talk to Dell, they will just send you a new one that will have a warranty extension to the date of the old defective one. Usually, you are asked to throw away the non-working one and install the new one yourself.
    The long answer is Yes, I think it is the hardware, based on what I have seen. If you bought a Dell with the least expensive optical drives, as most people do, they have an early failure rate... sometimes defective when you get them. Others that fail after 3 to 5 months.
    They probably only cost Dell $9 each... and you can buy them at the online shops for $19 to $24
    Of course I could be wrong, but we see a great number of Dell products in our shops every week, and that is the usual problem... a defective or early worn out drive.
  5. spazamz

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    Okay...thank you so much. I'll try that. If it doesn't work, then I'll get back to you. Thanks. Am
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