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Dell not recognizing HDD

By eyemfedup2
Aug 13, 2010
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  1. hey guys
    i have a dell that wont recognize hdd
    works great in other computers
    tried cable select
    tried master
    even tried putting on secondary,slave, and cable select
    all on same ribbon
    single ribbon
    even tried disconnecting hdd and power up then doing it all over again
    bios is set to auto on all
    recognizes cd though
    got it to try to install os xp once or twice
    goes through process looks like it will install
    then says cant find hdd press f3
    even tried changing bios to something besides auto
    then resetting it to auto
    optiplex gx 400
    reset bios and did it all over again to no avail
    tamper jumper is off all the time
    successfully installed xp once and worked fine
    i don't get it
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    You need to go into the setups that you get on the Optiplex using F2 and F12, and slowly carefully reconsider every setting...
    Your can reset the entire computer, or you can reset each individual cable and device on a SATA connection.
    Keep notes on what you do,..

    Alternately, your placing the hard drive in another computer may hbe rendereed it undetectable, and you may need to run a Repair Install of your Dell Windows Disk... (Not the Repair Console)... I am not sure Repair Install will work on that model, unless you have Windows XP MCE or Windows XP Professional... Many Dells will not do the repair install off of Dell Windows XP Home
  3. eyemfedup2

    eyemfedup2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 69

    got it
    i don't know really how
    i just kept repeating the steps i mentioned over and over and over
    I've had oplipexes before and it did the same thing
    the way i fixed those was to disconnect the hdd and on/off on/ off
    the reconnect hdd then power on
    don't know why or what i did to fix this one
    did everything over and over until it gave up LOL

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