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i have a dell precision m70 which i lost my admin password for, have since done the paperclip method to now i have a strange problem where the laptop doesnt recognize the battery or charger have i done something wrong or are both items in need of replacement.


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the laptop doesnt recognize the battery or charger
Let's discuss those two separately

I assume you mean AC adapter and I assume you mean you turn on the laptop and it behaves as tho the adapter isn't connected (i.e. that round plug IS, in fact, inserted in laptop and you see the green LED on the adapter itself so you know it should be getting power
  • You might want to connect the adapter in another computer to be 100% certain but
  • Is most likely the problem is the connection between the adapter plug and Dell's motherboard is broken (inside your computer). This occurs often. This is something actually soldered onto the mother boards (at least for the Dell laptops i;ve seen) so it's not as simple as replacing a part. Generally, i've seen shops charge flat rate about $150 to do the soldering and fix problem for you

  • May have gone dead as you didn't realize AC power was gone and the laptop was draining the battery
  • Actually is really dead and needs be replaced
  • Try using it in someone else's computer to see if it can be recharged
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