Dell Studio 1536 with Vista 64 has a continuous beep and BSOD


For the past two weeks my laptop has been beeping. It doesn't beep when I first turn the computer on. Once I'm to the desktop it starts to beep and it's VERY inconsistent. It may beep 5 every five minutes or every 20 minutes. Sometimes it beeps once and other times its beeped two or three times fast. And occasionally I get the BSOD saying something about "dumping my physical memory." On top of that when I load the computer I get an error saying that my Catalyst Control Centre is not working. I just assumed all these things were connected.

A few months ago my hard drive died so I installed a new one. I haven't had any issues until the issues I listed above, all of which start just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately my warranty has expired so Dell's support hasn't been much help.

So does this sound like the hard drive I installed is creating the issues? Any advice is very helpful!


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Have you checked for crud in your keyboard... any cause for a sticking key, sticking space bar, etc.

Don't see how the hard drive could cause the problem.

Have you looked at all the Dell Beep Codes... They are posted elsewhere on this TechSpot forum... that could give you a starting point.
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I checked the beep codes but nothing seemed to match my computer since the beeping seems to vary. And I don't think I have any stuck keys.

My computer has been on for a few hours and it's not beeping now. It tends to beep more in the first hour it's on. Or sometimes when I put my computer to sleep, close the lid and reopen the lid to use the computer it'll do the beeping as if I'd just turned on the computer (sorry I hope this makes sense).