Dell Vostro 1510 w/ Vista SP2 cannot see Mini DV Camcorder

By Jay Jay
Apr 27, 2010
  1. Recently I got into digital editing and bought a Mini DV Camcorder so I could start shooting my own stuff. No matter what I do, Vista (Home Basic) on my Dell Vostro 1510 fails to recognise the camcorder on the Firewire port. Instead, Device Manager reports a code 10 error for a 61883 Class Bus Device.

    As a test, I connected the camcorder to my Mac and it works perfectly, so I know the camera isn't at fault here. Additionally, I connected a Firewire HDD enclosure to the Firewire port of my Vostro 1510 and that is always recognised and works without any problems which means the laptop itself is fine and this has to be an OS issue.

    I tried to get help with this from Dell but their charge for technical assistance is ridiculously expensive - costing almost half the price of the laptop!

    To troubleshoot I have followed Microsoft's "patch" which involves editing the registry, uninstalled and re-installed the IEEE1394 drivers, including using every conceivable alternate driver available, even the one for Windows 7 but to no avail. From my research I've found lots of similar stories with Vista and Firewire and many users ended up having to use XP instead.

    This would be a last resort as I don't want to go through the hassle of installing a different OS. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I'd appreciate it.

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