Dell will not boot into Windows, optical drive makes noise will not boot from CD

By ohdell
Jan 5, 2011
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  1. Dell inspiron 2 years old. My daughters Computer ran fine before this. Will not boot in safe mode. or last known good configuration. Ran Dell diagnostic, HD short test failed. Tried booting F12 CD/DVD from Vista CD, optical drive makes noise but screen returns to failed boot. Tried other boot disc same thing, noise like its being read, but nothing on screen. Optical drive worked fine before this episode.
  2. Leeky

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    Are you saying you believe the optical drive and hard disk have failed, or you think the optical drive has failed?
  3. ohdell

    ohdell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am not sure

    Really not sure what is going on the hard drive is less than a year old. Been replaced under warranty once. this one did fail the test. Seems to me the computer is trying to boot from the CD but but the optical drive is spinning like it would do on a bad cd. However the Dell operating system disc was never used and has no scratches and another duplicate CD produces the same result. So I am thinking motherboard or remotely a corrupt CD driver. I do not have another optical drive to try but considering this was a sudden problem I doubt if the optical drive is bad.
    I was going to try a chkdsk /r

    I am trying to solve this problem remotely not booting from the cd I am stumped. So I had her take in into a local repair shop they are saying not worth fixing motherboard issue.

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