Dell's consumer sales suffer, Windows 8 touch devices encouraging


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With yesterday's report of sagging consumer PC sales, Dell said it's looking to other markets (I.e. enterprise and IT services) to help pick up the slack. Dell has talked about transitioning from consumer PCs to IT business services in the past,...

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Greg S

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Dell, your sales are terrible because your performance computers are way overpriced and you don't even have performance laptops. Alienware is like the windows macbook, they are all about the looks and you pay way too much for them. The XPS line was basically killed and therefore eliminated any chance of professionals buying your multimedia laptops.


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I had had a great regard of Dell, until this summer when I have bought an Inspiron laptop. The design probably fitted well a pentium 4, but it was stuffed with an i7, a thing that worried me, but I thought they knew better. Needless to say it overheated like hell so I reduced the power to 70% just to keep it stable. After a couple of blue screens I decided to open it up. Surprise, surprise: the vent system consists in a tiny fan for the graphic card and the mobo chipset has no radiator or any protection whatsoever, the fun part was a forgotten screw left under the keyboard, which occasionally touched the motherboard, thus the BSoDs. Three months later it still works although the paint on the left side, where it overheats chipped away. Consumers sales suffer? No wonder when they sell you overpriced junk.


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It is nice to see IT market comes to its senses, as its starts shaking off the dinosaurs of business. Anybody who's not competitive won't survive in the near future.

DELL is in the wrong niche to be staying live. They sell mid-quality hardware at premium prices, which today just won't do. The only business that still can do it is Apple, but then again, they are the only company who offers premium hardware, to be sure. Anyone else is caving, price-wise, there's no other way.

I can foresee the new market shaping up nicely over the next year, a new world order, one might say :)


I think that with the strength of social media, all large corporations are going to have to re-think the service they give their customers as it becomes easier and easier for us to share our findings and boycott those companies who don't deliver quality goods at fair prices with a good customer service operation. Dell certainly suffers in having a very poor service backup - I will never buy from them again and would advise others against doing so.


I think the PC market is saturated, no matter who you buy from, every household has at least one if not more computers. Any computer sold within the past 5 years is still a viable platform for most people (email, web, streaming videos/music, office/libre office, casual games. etc). There is no real need to upgrade. It doesn't really matter who you buy from, that is the way it is. This is why all the companies are excited about tablets, it's not that they will be a better/worse platform, it's that the market is wide open for sales at higher profits.

As far as Dell, on the business side, I think they have improved, there service is very good. I don't buy them as a consumer (I still build my own), so I can't comment on that side of things.