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Jun 25, 2008
  1. hello, i,m here for teh first timesearching for a solution.I have a lap top with Windows XP Media Center...I got a banner from awesomehomepage , now this banner appears on my desktop every time i connect. On the other hand I cannot get any wallpaper,I went into "properties" and it is all in grey colour and cannot activete any. I also tried to make show a photo but is also not working.
    I guess they are 2 problems related or not...anyway the wallpaper problem was first, the banner just came in later.I passed the antivirus and I also scaned with other antivirus, they find nothing
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    try a system restore
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    Thank u

    Thank you very much for the anti spyware recommendation, the problem about the ad in my desktop has been solved. Now I still have the other problem about the Non-acces to wallpaper, but this is not so annoying as the other problem. Thank u for your help

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